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Verizon FiOS- The Best Internet, Telephone and Television Service

Are you looking for a fast Internet service or a company with amazing phone network or a cable television service with crystal clear picture transmission and charging less money at the same time? Then, Verizon FiOS is your complete solution providing all three above services in combo pack or even individually at very reasonable prices.

Verizon FiOS Television Service offers more than 540 digital TV channels, 130 HD channels and 46 commercial free digital music channels along with a choice of 35,000 or more On Demand movies per month depending upon the subscribed package. It also presents additional facilities like recording a program and watching it later on computer, iPad, iPhone or android device. Uploading photos, video or audio files can also be done through it.

FiOS Digital Voice Service offers crystal clear voice quality along with extra features of caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding, call log, etc. Verizon phone service also ensures that you receive voice mails through email as well and you can also listen to them through computer, television or smartphones. Its domestic and international calling rates are also cheaper as compared to other phone service providers.

FiOS Internet is the fastest and cannot be compared with the speed of cable internet. It also provides top class connectivity. One can upload hundreds of photos or download complete movies and songs within a few minutes. One can also download My FiOS App on their Smart Phones and that will give access to their home phones. One can control television as well through the Smart Phone by downloading this application.

Verizon has made FiOS or Fibre Optic Service affordable to all common people by offering some exciting Verizon FiOS coupons. Verizon FiOS promotion codes vary from absolute monthly discount to reward of prepaid cards worth hundreds of dollars to customers. Because of their excellent service along with various Verizon promo codes, Verizon has recorded number of loyal customers as very rarely any of its customer switches to some other company. Verizon FiOS holds the first rank in the Eastern region of US according to a Customer Satisfaction Survey.